Jornada sobre “Usos prácticos de la Inteligencia Artificial en los sectores Industriales y de Servicios”

ISEA y SPRI organizan una Jornada sobre “Usos prácticos de la Inteligencia Artificial en los sectores Industriales y de Servicios”.

La Jornada se celebrará el 31 de Mayo, a partir de las 9:00, en el Parque Tecnológico Garaia de Mondragón y contará con los siguientes propósitos:

- Presentar herramientas y tecnologías de Inteligencia Artificial.

- Ofrecer casos prácticos de uso de la Inteligencia Artificial en la Industria y en los Servicios.

The 10 Most Well-Funded Startups Developing Core Artificial Intelligence Tech.

Much of the buzz around artificial intelligence has surrounded companies focused on general purpose artificial intelligence, as opposed to companies applying AI algorithms like machine learning and deep learning in specific industries.

“From healthcare to finance to e-commerce, we’re focused on changing people’s lives.” - Antoine Blondeau, CEO, Sentient Technologies

Taking a look at the core AI companies like Sentient — companies focused on general-purpose AI applicable across a variety of industries — a few have already received $50M or more in equity funding.

Invidyo unveils A.I.-based baby monitoring system.

Invidyo is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today to raise money for its artificial intelligence-driven child monitoring system.

While there are plenty of baby-monitoring cameras on the market, they generally produce a lot of footage for you to review. But Invidyo is using A.I. to give parents daily highlights when they are away at work and smarter notifications, when necessary.

Artificial Intelligence Explodes: New Deal Activity Record For AI Startups.

In Q1'16, there were over 140 deals to startups focused on AI. Khosla Ventures emerges as most active VC investor in the category.

Equity deals to startups in artificial intelligence — including companies applying AI solutions to verticals like healthcare, advertising, and finance as well as those developing general-purpose AI tech — increased nearly 6x, from roughly 70 in 2011 to nearly 400 in 2015.

Q1’16 saw a new peak in deal activity to the category.

Using the CB Insights database, we studied funding trends to AI-based companies, including:

CrowdFlower raises $10 million from Microsoft and others to bring A.I. to data science.

CrowdFlower, a crowdsourced data-cleaning and tagging platform, has closed a fresh $10 million in funding in a round led by Microsoft Ventures, Canvas Ventures, and Trinity Ventures.

Founded out of San Francisco in 2009, CrowdFlower had previously raised $28 million, including a $12.5 million round back in 2014, but the company says it will use its cash influx to expedite the adoption of a new machine-learning product called CrowdFlower AI.

Affectiva raises $14 million to bring apps, robots emotional intelligence.

Affectiva, a startup developing “emotion recognition technology” that can read people’s moods from their facial expressions captured in digital videos, raised $14 million in a Series D round of funding led by Fenox Venture Capital.

According to co-founder Rana el Kaliouby, the Waltham, Mass.-based company wants its technology to become the de facto means of adding emotional intelligence and empathy to any interactive product, and the best way for organizations to attain unvarnished insights about customers, patients or constituents.

How to Create a Malevolent Artificial Intelligence.

The possibility that a malevolent artificial intelligence might pose a serious threat to humankind has become a hotly debated issue. Various high profile individuals from the physicist Stephen Hawking to the tech entrepreneur Elon Musk have warned of the danger.

Which is why the field of artificial intelligence safety is emerging as an important discipline. Computer scientists have begun to analyze the unintended consequences of poorly designed AI systems, of AI systems created with faulty ethical frameworks or ones that do not share human values.

AOTEK lidera un proyecto de Inteligencia Artificial para la optimización del mecanizado.

El Gobierno Vasco ha aprobado el proyecto FATIMA que, dentro de la convocatoria ELKARTEK, lidera  AOTEK, la unidad de I+D empresarial de Fagor Automation, en colaboración con los centros tecnológicos IDEKO y ETIC, y la Universidad de Mondragón.

Este proyecto se enmarca dentro del uso de las técnicas de Inteligencia Artificial o aprendizaje supervisado aplicado a grandes cantidades de datos, además no homogéneos, en lo que es el núcleo de las técnicas englobadas dentro del término BIG DATA.


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