La empresa que ha comprado la división de coches autónomos de Uber se alía con Toyota para llevarlos a las calles este año.

La empresa que ha comprado la división de coches autónomos de Uber, Aurora, ha alcanzado un acuerdo con Toyota y con el fabricante de piezas de vehículos Denso para desarrollar y probar vehículos equipados con la tecnología de la startup, según han anunciado ambas.

Uber está negociando vender su división de vehículos autónomos a una nueva empresa dirigida por exejecutivos de Uber, Tesla y Google y respaldada por Amazon.

Uber está buscando deshacerse de su división de vehículos autónomos, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), y la startup del sector Aurora Innovation es un probable candidato para adquirirla, según informó TechCrunch el viernes.

El dueño de un Tesla, primer muerto en un coche con piloto automático.

La inteligencia artificial aplicada en vehículos se ha cobrado la primera víctima. Joshua Brown, el dueño de un Tesla Model S, de 45 años y nacido en Ohio, perdió la vida cuando su coche se metió debajo del remolque de un camión en una carretera de Florida. Según el registro oficial los hechos sucedieron el pasado 7 de mayo a las 3:40 de la tarde. El conductor del camión, Frank Baressi, de 62 años salió ileso, declaró que el coche iba a gran velocidad y no frenó.

Sweden Tests Electric Roads to Give EVs Unlimited Range.

Renewables are critical to the future of efficient, clean transportation. For road vehicles, storing those renewables, and then using them only when necessary, is still a major obstacle to commercial success. In Sweden, the government is partnering with the private sector to deploy new technology that could allow electric vehicles to travel on roads indefinitely, without having to worry about lengthy recharging or massive battery packs. Is it fusion power? Dark matter? Black magic? Nope: overhead wiring.

Daimler to unveil long-distance electric car in October 1.

Germany’s Daimler will lift the curtain on its much-anticipated long-distance electric car at the Paris Motor Show in October, as the automaker gears up to compete with Tesla Motors’ Model X sport-utility vehicle (SUV).

The company will display a prototype of an electric-powered Mercedes car with a 500-kilometre (310 miles) range, Chief Development Officer Thomas Weber said this week in Stuttgart at an event for journalists.

“The structure is ready, the teams are working and the initial results from road tests are coming in quick succession,” he said.

Weber did not specify how soon the car would hit the road but said it would be sometime this decade.

Can You Program Ethics Into a Self-Driving Car?

It’s 2034. A drunken man walking along a sidewalk at night trips and falls directly in front of a driverless car, which strikes him square on, killing him instantly. Had a human been at the wheel, the death would have been considered an accident because the pedestrian was clearly at fault and no reasonable person could have swerved in time. But the “reasonable person” legal standard for driver negligence disappeared back in the 2020s, when the proliferation of driverless cars reduced crash rates by 90 percent. Now the standard is that of the reasonable robot.

Autonomous driving: emergence of new billion euro market.

Autonomous driving is expected to generate annual sales worth several billion euros in value-added services over the next decade. In collaboration with management consultants Horváth & Partners, the Fraunhofer IAO surveyed 1500 motorists as part of the "Value of Time" study regarding their willingness to pay for in-car value-added services.

Otto Self-Driving Truck Company Wants to Replace Teamsters.

Ottomotto, a newly unveiled startup formed by veterans of the Google car project, is planning to provide self-driving technology to today’s long-haul trucks.

It’s a logical first application. Semitrailers spend most of their time on highways, and highway driving is by far the easiest sort of driving to automate. So close is the industry to that goal that companies like Tesla and Daimler already feel the need to use buzzers and other tricks to prod drivers away from their daydreams when their hands are off the steering wheel for more than a few seconds.


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